I'm Ben, a computational biologist, genomic detective, and entrepreneur.

I'm currently the Head of Bioinformatics at Formic Labs, where I lead product development. More to come on that soon!

Before that, I led the bioinformatics team at Loyal, an early-stage biotech startup dedicated to extending the lifespan and healthspan of dogs. Loyal is generating and mining massive epigenetic datasets to characterize aging at an unprecedented resolution, and developing companion canines as a translational model for aging research.

Previously, I did my PhD in Dr. Ami Bhatt's lab at Stanford University, where I used advanced genomic techniques to study the human microbiome. I'm proud to say I characterized the first examples of bacteria transmitted between the gut microbiome of adults and of phages transmitted from the gut microbiome of a mother to the gut microbiome of her infant.

Computational biology research projects

Integrating CMap and TCGA

Tetranucleotide usage in mycobacteriophage genomes

MCMC reconstruction of chromatin structure

Chromatin Conformation in Senescence