I'm Ben, a computational biologist, genomic detective, and entrepreneur.

I'm currently the Head of Bioinformatics at Deep Origin, where I lead the development of our computational biology and bioinformatics products. Deep Origin has the mission to accelerate life sciences R&D through better tooling and simulation. We just launched our first product, and we're hiring!

Before that, I led the bioinformatics team at Loyal, an early-stage biotech startup dedicated to extending the lifespan and healthspan of dogs. We collected saliva samples from thousands of dogs, and built multi-omic models of aging that used methylation, genetic variants, and oral microbiome readouts.

Previously, I did my PhD in Dr. Ami Bhatt's lab at Stanford University, where I used advanced genomic techniques to study the human microbiome. I'm proud to say I characterized the first examples of bacteria transmitted between the gut microbiome of adults and of phages transmitted from the gut microbiome of a mother to the gut microbiome of her infant.

Computational biology research projects

Integrating CMap and TCGA

Tetranucleotide usage in mycobacteriophage genomes

MCMC reconstruction of chromatin structure

Chromatin Conformation in Senescence