Road Trip: Day 1

The trip is off to a good start!

Today, I packed up the Saab with camping gear, some leftover food from my apartment,  and my hammock. I left Cape Cod and headed to Scituate, MA to pick up Angela. She’s moving to Seattle, so the car is very full with all of our supplies…

2015-05-29 14.39.31

(Those are just the back seats, you don’t even want to see the trunk)

2015-05-29 14.39.50

Can’t forget the Brown hat!

After a quick last dip in the East Coast water

2015-05-29 14.50.06

We were on our way. Just over a 4 hour drive to a state forest in New York where we spent the night. I had a great place to toss up my hammock in the woods, but not a very restful sleep.

2015-05-30 06.53.09

Miles traveled: 288

Bears spotted: 0

Spirits: high

Route followed

Screenshot from 2015-05-30 22:55:04

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